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The WOT provides us with a corporate perception of the role played by Integrity, Personality, Behaviour and Competency in the assessment of the efficiency with which the candidate is performing his job/function from a home-based situation.

The WOT presents a Questionnaire consisting of 134 test-items. A One-Pager Summarized Report as well as an Extended Defined Report, a Manual and a Progressive Norm Table are available to assist the user to identify which of their candidates should most probably be effective in performing his/her task from home on an effective basis.

Although the test has no formal time restriction, it should normally be completed in approximately 30 minutes
Measuring Areas:
  • Composed Integrity – the CIAS-Model.
  • Integrity – Classic Historically Proven Properties.
  • Work Ethic – Workplace Integrity : Related Properties. 
  • Personality – Typical Dispositional & Trait Forces at play in work.
  • Behaviour – Typical Developed Behavioural Guiding Factors in Work. 
  • Competency – Capability, Expertise and Know-how. 
  • Monitor – Degree of accuracy in completing the test.


To determine the probability of the candidate to perform the (his/her) job as well/effectively, or even better, from another workplace (e.g., home) than the traditional office or work environment /situation or identifying the shortcoming to be developed or does the candidate represents a ‘knockout’ category.


Reliability: 0.92 – total score

Validity: Ranging from 0.52 to 0.67 (Significant)

Fairness (Norming Process): “Although the Standard Error of the Main and the Standard Error of Measurement were both calculated in all four variances of the above demographics, no significant results were obtained” and “The T-test to establish whether significant statistical differences exist, render ‘no significant differences’ at the lowest level – i.e. 0.001”.

Readability & Ease of Comprehension: A scholastic Grade 10-level was used as the language complexity/difficulty level during the development phase of the WOT, but continued attention is given in terms of statistical analysis, the use of language experts, as well as gathering and implementing ‘post-mortem’ information on tests used in practice – especially when tests are applied for the first time to particular groups and under specific circumstances or conditions.


The WOT can be used at a Grade 10 schooling level.

Consider a score of below a 5-sten on the Lie-Detector scale as a knock-out score.

The WOT must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.


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