CULTEG : Culture of Integrity

What is CULTEG?

We offer you the Certified Culture of Integrity (CULTEG) model/process that (can) lead to the registration of your entire organisation as a Culture of Integrity entity. It is an integrated model represented by a well-established growth model that was officially certified in 1994 and is based on the registered IP-200; the latter being in its very essence a Developmental instrument in the Integrity  sphere.

It is a very powerful process that unleashes an inner energy and self-perpetuating growth process that results in differentiating your organisation as a truly winning organisation that is accredited with the Integrity Accreditation Authority (IAA) that was especially established, and registered as an independent entity to exclusively serve this purpose.


Facilitating the participant to embark on and develop a significant and sustained Culture of Integrity (CULTEG) within themselves.

This is not a grading system; it's about commitment to the Culture of Integrity Process .You need not be high or low, good or bad; as long as you are committing yourself (organisation) to the Culture of Integrity Process. That is sufficient. Declaring your commitment to it and your willingness to submit yourself to the conditions, systems and procedures related to the process and to pursue the objectives and goals related to those stated and implied in the letter and spirit of the Model/Process. It is an on-going Process.


Fundamentally Healthy Organisations with high Integrity prove also to be those functioning at sustained high efficiency levels even under difficult circumstances – truly winner organisations rather than merely successful organisations. Such organisations are characterised by their inner drive, the adherence to the basic values of life and accepting full responsibility for their own actions not only as corporate entities, but also as individual (staff) members. These organisations have one thing in common; Integrity.

The Model offers such an organisation, that choose to embark on it, the opportunity to develop such a Certified Culture of Integrity (CULTEG).

The essence and spirit of Integrity and this model necessitate that each participant organisation enrols absolutely voluntarily and accepts full responsibility for its own actions to ensure optimal commitment by all and the success of the process in its entirety.

It is a hands-on approach where the participant is fully involved in each phase of the process, i.e. from initiating it, to the effective conducting thereof, as well as maintaining it on an on-going basis.

It is a process; a structured and focussed drive to promote a true and sustained Culture of Integrity on a responsible, professional and properly controlled basis. In order to promote this in practical terms, the approach offers a ‘standard’ model (including the supportive systems, procedures, measuring instruments, documents, etc.) to guide the participants.

At the very heart of the approach lies an objective, reliable and valid instrument to survey the organisation in order to assess and diagnose Integrity and to monitor the progress made with the process in a developmental sense and promoting Good Corporate Governance by ensuring that management is properly informed; informed to the extent that they can make responsible decisions involving all their staff.

The entire process resides under the competent guidance of INTEG's specialist functional Culteg-unit; whose involvement starts with maintaining the Public Enrolment Register to monitoring the adherence of all participants to the letter and spirit of the model; sanctioned by a group of respected patrons according to the participant’s choice.

The Process involves the entire organisation; both on an individual and corporate level in terms of commitment, diagnoses, development and contribution.

The Process is founded on the basic and inherent spirit of self-commitment, drive, control and development rather than the external enforcement of rules, procedures, regulations, policies and discipline.

The Process generates an inner energy and long term commitment; once initiated and well managed, it becomes a Self-Perpetuating Process – always evolving to higher levels.

The Commitment is by design a Positive and Developmental Model. It is pro-active and lasting in nature, compared to Corruption Investigation which is retrospective and in contrast to the typical reactive Auditing Methodology that includes the thermometer-type philosophies which are all rather negative and somewhat sterile approaches.

The Process is in its design and practical application a flexible model allowing participants to determine for themselves the extent to which they will conduct the process in-house or which of the various services and functions relative to the Process to outsource to the champion.

The benefits derived from the Process are both immediate and long term; in terms of tangible bottom-line and ‘soft’/human values as experienced by both the individual people involved as well as the organisation as a whole. All the traditional benefits associated with that of a Fundamentally Healthy Organisation with high Integrity result from this Process.


As mentioned earlier, the basic goal of this model is to grow and develop an entire organisation’s Culture of Integrity (CULTEG). It is a growth focused and developmental process enhancing organizational Integrity and efficiency through the following registered phased model that is also known as 'The Ripple';


The results of this enhancement process are depicted schematically by the so-called ‘Bullet’.
In addition to the ever increasing efficiency the participant gathers an image/identify of Integrity and is respected and trusted as such by all associated to it – from suppliers to clients. It is not created overnight, but once initiated, the well-structured and manage process will evolve; always in the right direction – forward, but it must be started with!


The participant is certified as a CULTEG-organisation accordingly to this model and can use the certification symbol on their official material.

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