Integrity International's (INTEG) research team is committed to the continuous development and updating of our existing products, as well as the development of new instruments, and assisting organisations with their organisational research efforts when conducting research in their own environment.

If you have any data available on our instruments, we encourage you to please share it with us in order to expand the norms and comparative standards of the instruments. We are also willing to give support to students that want to use our instruments in their post-graduate studies. In the latter regard, we are already heavily involved at various levels and subjects/areas.

Integrity International's strong involvement spans various subjects and areas, reinforcing our role in organisational research.
Additionally, INTEG initiated the creation of the Institute of Integrity and provides the necessary administrative services as well as the financial support to make the effective functioning of this important and essential professional entity possible. The institute is well established and the South African Chapter is taking the lead in many of the orginizational research entities associated with it. We have various Research Centres established around the globe to help us in assisting with the above.

You can count on Integrity International for robust support in your organisational research endeavors, as we continue to evolve and innovate in this crucial domain.


The following publications of research done are currently available. Click on the relevant subject to read the article:
  1. Comprehensive Aptitude Profile (CAP) by Dr. Louis J Fick, July 2011
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by Dr. Louis J Fick, September 2011
  3. Brain Orientation Profile (BOP) by Dr Louis Fick, December 2011
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