THE TROIKA - What is it and how does it function in practice?

A longitudinal research study conducted globally by INTEG’s 27 Research Centres over a period of more than twelve years and involving a representative population in the World of Work, indicated statistically (beyond a reasonable degree of doubt) that the following three registered measuring instruments (out of an arsenal of 27 psychometric tests produced by INTEG), when used in conjunction with each other, provides an excellent, comprehensive, reliable, valid and fair set of results/scores in the hands of a qualified user to base their analysis, diagnoses, prediction and final integrated relevant decision(s) on: 1. COPAS (COGNITIVE & POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT) 2. IP200 (INTEGRITY PROFILE-200) 3. PAW (PERSONALITY AT WORK) 

The COPAS was developed to measure the candidate’s cognitive function in a comprehensive way within the world of work It consists of only symbolic test-items to eliminate the negative influence a low degree of command the candidate may have in the language the test is administered in. It measures the candidate’s Current Mental Ability, Potential to Develop and Eventual Cognitive Capacity if optimal opportunity and stimulation for cognitive growth are available and can used to assess all types of people to cover the cognitive domain at all organisational levels and angles in the world of work.

It also provides a measure of Accuracy with which the testee completed the test with. This is also a strong indication of the candidate’s disposition regarding the degree with which he typically applies his cognitive capacity in dealing with situations or solving problems in practice.
The COPAS is also fully linked to the 5-Complexity Work Levels embodied in the Stratified Systems Theory (SST) of Elliot Jaques – with whom the latter were strongly related in the development of the COPAS.

The IP200 was developed to assess integrity from different angles, purposes, complexity, and levels, but with the ability to "talk" to one another, it is an assessment that consists of 10 sub-structures of which each has 5 measuring areas. The IP200 is a Composite Integrity test, using a multi-facetted approach in assessing integrity. It is a very comprehensive, diagnostic, and developmentally orientated instrument that provides the user with more than 60 scales to measure the complex concept of Integrity with, to provide feedback to testees, to make predictions on future behaviour and/or develop Integrity on an individualistic or corporate basis.

The PAW is perhaps today the most comprehensive personality test consisting of 250 test-items and provides the user with 90 scales to measure the entire personality domain with. It was developed in accordance with the world’s leading 5-Factor Model in personality development. The PAW, however, differentiates itself by replacing the historical and more traditional/general 5-Factor Approach with the following five, work related factors, determined through a longitudinal research project worldwide by INTEG:
1. Doing & Work 2. Self & Perception 3. Thinking & Styles 4. People & Relations 5. Emotions & Feelings 

These five main factors in turn consist of four substructures and the latter with a further three support factors – a total of 60 scales per personality factor. 
It provides the user with conclusive information on all angles relative in the personality domain. It can be applied at all levels and to serve the full spectrum of needs a user may have in the field of Personality in the world of work. In addition, it offers the following six Special Reports on the request of the user:

1. EQ - Emotional Intelligence 4. SMO – Sales & Marketing Orientation
2. MD - Motivational Disposition 5. FO – Financial Orientation
3. EO – Entrepreneurial Orientation 6. MO – Managerial Orientation

In conclusion, the benefit of using the TROIKA is obvious. On its own each one of the three psychometric instruments the TROIKA consist of, renders good information in declaring the relevant criteria of success, but in using them in conjunction of each other, the success rate increases by average of 37% . The statistics speaks for itself, but the reliability of using the TROIKA is even more important at senior levels and in using it for sensitive positions where even one small slip-up is of critical importance – it is very seldom for a critical factor or issue to slip through applying the TROIKA-net in practice!

The Troika 
 IP200 Summarized Report

COPAS Summarized Report

PAW Summarized Report

The Troika

Should your company wish to make use of the TROIKA as an entity – i.e., the COPAS, IP200 & PAW, we do offer a discounted rate.
Please contact [email protected] to enquire about your discount.
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