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In addition to the above ‘Main’ version of the PAW, it also offers a so-called ‘Short’ version, which consists of 130 test-items and focuses on the critical factors of personality. It does not break the 20 Measuring Areas it generates further down like the ‘Main’ PAW does and take about 35 minutes to complete. The Short PAW is especially useful if a quick and simple assessment of personality is required without the in-depth diagnostic features as provided by the more comprehensive Main PAW. A one-page Summarized Report is provided to the user.

Measuring Areas – Scales: Five Main Substructures

  1. Doing & Work Orientation
  2. Self & Perception Orientation
  3. Thinking & Styles Orientation
  4. People & Relations Orientation
  5. Emotions & Feelings Orientation

The Three Monitor Scales i.e.

  1. Lie Detector
  2. Consistency Factor
  3. Unnatural Exaggeration

Purpose: Comprehensive measuring of personality applicable to the World of Work.

  1. Selection
  2. Promotion
  3. Training & Organisation Development ‘Checklist’


Reliability: Ranging from 0.79 to 0.90 (Significant.)

Validity: Ranging from 0.42 to 0.58 (Significant.)

Fairness: No significant differences detected on applying to Subdivided ‘Norming Process’ on 1121 candidates regarding five critical ‘known sensitive’ factor, namely race, language, gender, tertiary education and schooling and by statistically relating it to a selected external multiple criterion of success. (N = 1120; Significant at the 0.001 level).

Readability & Ease of Comprehension: “A maximum of sixth grade of the Fry Readability Graph was observed as a guide during the test development phase”. No time-restriction applies during the completion of the test and a training administrator is always present to deal with questions on the part of assessees.

The seven ‘Readability Actions’ were/are applied to the Short PAW.


The Short PAW can be used at a grade 8 schooling level.

A score of ‘5’- sten (or lower) on the Lie-Detector scale should be considered a knock-out score.

The Short PAW must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.

It is suggested that the so-called ‘Interpretive Notes’ be used by first-time users of the test.

It is important to emphasize the importance of the instructions regarding being open-minded and truthful during the completion of the test.


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