This test was constructed to assess the candidate’s general disposition to helping others and to serve the best interest of the organization by demonstrating a willingness ‘to walk the extra mile’ in assisting co-workers when in personal need as well as developing their skills and furthering their careers, etc. as well as serving the organization even if it is not ‘officially’ required of them – not to be in essence self-centred, but to cooperate fully to serve others (people) and the corporate interest (organization) at all times under all circumstances.

The test consists of two main Substructures, where the first one is identified as OCB-People. In this scale the person’s typical disposition to assisting people/co-workers is being assessed. The second Substructure is identified as OCB-Corporate. In this scale the candidate’s positive orientation to serving the best interest of the organization per sé without it being officially expected of him or demanding anything in return.

The two Substructures consist of 5 supportive scales each and must be responded to on a 4-point Likert scale regarding the 25 test-items that gather information on the five sub-scales for assessment purposes. The test also boasts a Monitor Scale with two supportive scales, namely a Lie-Detector and Consistency. In total the test consists of 60 test-items.

The test has no time restriction, but is normally completed in 15 – 20 minutes.

Measuring Areas – Scales: Five supportive scales are offered under OCB-People as well as OCB-Corporate/Organisation three on the Monitor Scale


  1. Sympathy, Empathy & Compassion
  2. Personal Probelms/Matters
  3. Work-related Problems/Matters
  4. Work, Performance & Production/Improvement
  5. Training & Development


  1. Organisational Development & Productivity/Performance
  2. Organisational Image & Marketing
  3. Human Relations
  4. Client Satisfaction
  5. Stance on Counterproductive Work Behaviour (CWB) & Corruption


  1. Lie Detector
  2. Consistency


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