Introducing Multi-lingual Psychometric Assessments

Integrity International has some exciting news! The necessity for multi-lingual psychometric assessments requiring translation and adaptation into many languages has increased due to the rise in the use of psychometric tests in varied environments, adaptable psychological testing, social and emotional skills, and profiling tests in international settings. To meet this need, we are introducing multi-lingual psychometric assessment instruments. The first instrument for which multi-lingual psychometric assessment reporting will be offered is our IP200 (our flagship in the integrity domain). The reporting for this instrument will be available in French from the beginning of June. The IP200vIII was selected as the first instrument to be translated, as it has been most frequently requested by our clients.

Reporting in French for the remaining instruments that make up the Troika, namely the COPAS (Cognitive and Potential Assessment) and PAW (Personality at Work) will follow, whereafter we will also make the candidate assessments for these instruments available in French. This will be expanded to other instruments and languages as dictated by our clients’ needs.
Multi-lingual Psychometric Assessments

Why are we doing this and the benefits: (Multi-lingual Psychometric Assessments)

The main benefit that we at INTEG foresee in translating our most popular test, in the battery of seven dedicated integrity tests, is that our users will have a wider spectrum of offerings appropriate to serving the international market. Drawing on the experience of our clients’ serving the international market, specifically in certain countries where English is not the first/common language, the most pressing need identified was for assessment instruments to be made available in French. With other languages such as Portuguese to follow to fully encompass multi-lingual psychometric assessment requirements.

The process: (Multi-lingual Psychometric Assessments)

Psychometric guidelines require that what is assessed should be understood in the same way across different languages and cultural groups. Improper translation of evaluation items may have negative effects on the validity of the assessment. Test-takers may find the test instruments easier or more difficult and so insufficient or inaccurate translations could result in invalid results. Of equal importance is the accurate and appropriate translation of the assessment reports. As a result we are working hard to ensure that this process is carried out appropriately and with caution to ensure accurate translations with our multi-lingual psychometric assessment reports.

Translations of psychometric tests need to be done carefully and accurately by a competent language service provider in order to obtain the best possible linguistic, cultural, and functional equivalency. It is crucial to consider the language components that influence or define the degree of difficulty in tests of verbal and numerical reasoning.
The professional translation and independent translation verification procedures are a crucial component of this process. We work closely with the translators to ensure an accurate and fair translations are carried out for our multi-lingual psychometric assessments.

This is not our first experience with the translation of our instruments. A few years ago, our IMI (Integrity Measuring Instrument) assessment was made available in the following languages on a pen and paper basis.

• Arabic
• Isixhosa
• African French
• African Portuguese
• Portuguese
• Setswana
• Zulu
• Sesotho
• Afrikaans

Drawing from the experience gained in the translation of the IMI, and the value it added in the local market, we are excited to bring you our first multi-lingual psychometric assessments reporting on our Online Assessment System, in the IP200. Translations to our our other assessment reports will follow, and the candidate assessments themselves to be made available in various languages in the future too.

IP200 French Example Report

Multi-lingual Psychometric Assessments

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