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The IMI is the shorter and simpler version of the IP-200. It is much more overt and direct in its basic approach to measuring Integrity. It consists of 100 test-items (declaring approximately 75% of the total variance) in more than 10 languages (plus Braille and Sign Language) and provides the user with 10 scales to base his decision(s) on. One of these scales is a Verifiable Factor scale and provides the instrument, together with its Lie-Detector scale, a very soundly based reliability. The IMI takes about 35 minutes to complete and is especially useful for screening purposes.
Measuring Areas – Scales: Ten Substructures
  • Honesty
  • Stealing/Theft
  • Violation of policy, rules & regulations
  • Reliability and Dependability
  • Lying
  • Denial, Projection & Justification
  • Work Ethic
  • Manipulation
  • Verifiable Items
  • Lie Detector
  • Plus the two Summarized Scales, i.e., Integrated Integrity Rating & Adapted Integrity Rating

Purpose: Condensed and simplified level Integrity Measure in the World of Work.

  1. Critical Factors
  2. Short & Simple
  3. 'Lower'Level
  4. Enhancing Integrity
  5. Investigation
  6. Promotion
  7. Career Planning & Development
  8. Screening/Selection


Reliability: Ranging from 0.80 to 0.89 (Significant)

Validity: Ranging from 0.48 to 0.64 (Significant)

Fairness: No significant differences were detected via the ‘Norm Process’ regarding four critical (sensitive) factors used, namely age, gender, ethnicity, and language at the 0.001 level.

Readability & Ease of Comprehension: “A maximum of sixth grade of the Fry Readability Graph was observed”. There is no time-restriction applicable to the completion of this test and a trained administrator is always available for testees to clear any doubts they may have regarding the meaning of words or sentences.

Considering the fact that the IMI is available for low levels it is, in addition to the ‘standard English’, also available in a lower level English and more than ten translations are already available as well as Braille and Sign-Language.

The seven ‘Readability Actions' (described earlier in the paper) were/are applied on the IMI.


The IMI can be used at a grade 6 schooling level.

Consider a score of ‘5’-sten (and below) on the Lie-Detector scale as a knock-out score.

Although simple and straight forward, the IMI must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.

It is beneficial to administer the IMI prior to a structured interview in order to use the results, obtained via the ‘Verifiable Items’, during the said interview.

It is advisable to adhere to a ‘4’ sten (and below) on the Adapted Integrity Scale for employment purpose.


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