The Counterproductive Work Behaviour (CWB) test is constructed to assess the tendency on the part of the candidate to demonstrate (or succumb to) behaviour that is (or maybe) to the detriment of the organisation they belong to or even their co-workers. Such behaviour may include a lack of commitment or the willingness on the part of the candidate to pro-actively promote the best interest of the corporate entity, and on the one side of the continuum, to demonstrate blatant opposing-action such as sabotage or aggression towards one’s boss or colleagues with the intention to hurt the organisation and/or its employees.

Similar to the OCB, the CWB can be used in a survey-format as well as during the screening process and/or addressing special project objectives and for organisational development purposes. The instrument measuring the CWB-construct consists of 45 test-items which represent two Substructures, namely a Causative Substructure and a Mode Level Substructure. The Causative Substructure consists of six supportive scales for which 25 test-items are used to gather information for assessment in the Questionnaire Booklet. The Mode Level Substructure consists of three Mode Factors for which 15 test-items are included in the Test Booklet to gather information for assessment on. Lastly, there is also a Monitor Substructure consisting of two sub-scales to monitor the assessment process.

Although the test has no formal time restriction, it should normally be completed in approximately 10 – 20 minutes.

Measuring Areas – Scales: Six supportive scales are offered under CWB-Causative Factors and three under CWB-Mode Levels as well as two under the Monitor scale

CWB Causative Factors

  1. Utilization – Participation & Empowerment
  2. Conditions of Employment – Fairness in Practice
  3. Recognition and Reward
  4. Human Dignity
  5. Development – Furthering LifeStyle
  6. Aspirations & Skills Development
  7. Management

CWB Mode Level

  1. Passive Mode
  2. Responsive-participative Mode
  3. Proactive Mode
  4. Client Satisfaction


  1. Lie Detector
  2. Consistency


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