The instrument assesses and predicts the properties related to the successful functionary in the various types of operational positions associated to the Call Centre concept – ranging from the more simplistic functional position of the Call Centre Agent who deals with high volume and repetitive collecting and providing of basic information, to Call Centre Agents who are dealing with more complex enquiries, time-consuming problem-solving, specialized know-how and the ability to resolve issues of an advantaged nature in a short period of time, being accountable for the matter by accepting full ownership and responsibility for satisfying his/her client in the process.

The questionnaire consists of two divisions.

Division A consists of six cognitive groups of questions totalling 40 test-items to be completed in 18 minutes.

Division B consists of 135 questions/statements and has no time restriction, but will most probably not take more than 25 to 35 minutes to complete.

Total of 175 test-terms to be completed in ± 50 minutes.

Measuring Areas – Scales: 7 Main Structures

  1. Cognitive
  2. Integrity
  3. Work Ethic
  4. Personality
  5. Behaviour
  6. Competency
  7. Monitor


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