The BOP measures the brain orientation of the testee by using 100 items. There is no time restriction applicable and would take about 20 minutes to complete. The user has the option of having the BOP questionnaire completed, which forms part of the COPAS test booklet. Similarly, the user has an option of having the results printed in a dedicated BOP Summarized Report or only as Category F which forms part of the COPAS Summarized Report.

Research shows that people are born with a Left/Right Brain dominance and that can thus be classified as a genetic phenomenon. Brain dominance is not a rigid statistic nor is a person bound by the hemisphere (left/right side of the brain) he/she is accustomed to using. Response to sensory input and external stimuli can change over time by changing your thinking patterns – you can learn to think using the opposite hemisphere!

The ‘left-brainers’ are typically the more rational, analytical, logical, structured, factual, detailed, scientific, numerical, serious and down to earth realistic and practical type who likes order and are guided by proven principles.

The ‘right-brainers’ are typically the more creative, open-minded, flexible, unstructured, ‘free-floating’ – the intuitive type who see the ‘big picture’ and is more emotional, imaginary, artistic and light-hearted (playful) in their orientation.


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