Delving into the World of Industrial and Organisational
 Psychology with Integrity International and SIOPSA

Integrity International has been actively involved with SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa) for many years, and has attended their annual conferences since their establishment. The annual SIOPSA Conference is considered to be the most important event in the field of occupational psychology. Work psychologists, people practitioners, behavioural specialists, researchers, academics, corporate executives, and line managers all play critical roles in creating a better world and establishing themselves as trusted guides in the process.

In their own words, SIOPSA is a member-based, non-profit organisation established to enhance the Industrial and Organisational Psychology profession in South Africa. As human behaviour specialists in a workplace, SIOPSA translates the scientific body of industrial and organisational (IO) psychology knowledge into fit-for-purpose practices to promote business objectives, and help employees flourish. To this end, SIOPSA exists to serve its members and strives to create conditions in which IO psychologists will be able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all in South Africa. More information about SIOPSA can be found on their website.
INTEG was the primary sponsor of the annual conference in 2020, where Dr Fick was awarded the greatest recognition available to SIOPSA (the official professional association in our field of participation) by bestowing on him the Honorary Life Membership of SIOPSA for the services he rendered over the years to the profession and society in particular.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for INTEG and other industry professionals to introduce and market their various instruments and offerings to the industry.

The 2024 annual SIOPSA conference will highlight the importance of context in
understanding mental health and wellness specifically, and wellbeing per sé. This theme will
look at the underlying causes related to poor mental health and wellness concerns in the
workplace, the scope of the mental health and wellness crisis, and refuting common
misunderstandings. The seminar will also cover current trends and successful solutions for
managing mental health and wellness in the workplace.

This year, INTEG will participate in the three-day In-Person Conference from July 17th to 19th, where you can find us at Stand 27. In addition to the in-person conference, we will participate in a two-day virtual conference on the Whova platform from July 18th to 19th.
Industrial and Organisation Psychology
In line with this year’s theme, we believe that this is an excellent time to tell you about what INTEG is currently working on. In keeping with the significant contributions Dr. Fick and the Integrity International Team have made over the years, INTEG is in the process of adding the domain of mental health and wellness to its arsenal of psychometric tests (a construct which links up closely with the concept of integrity), a domain INTEG has been researching over many years; by implication, since the early seventies! With the goal of launching the new test by the end of the year. The assessments we currently offer can be viewed here.

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