The following technical guidelines apply when making use of the Integrity Online Assessment System.

Online administration of psychometric instruments may be completed on a desk-top or lap-top computer, a notebook or tablet, or, if none of these preferred devices are available, a smartphone may be used, provided that the minimum technical device, and data-connection speeds below are met.
Device Specification:
Only devices meeting the minimum recommended screen size and resolution below should be used:
Most popular smart phones will be well above these minimum recommendations.

Some examples of mobile devices with acceptable technical specifications
Note: The list above is not an exhaustive list of acceptable devices and serves only as an example of some devices that meet the criteria.
Data Connection:
The speed of the data connection impacts on the responsiveness of the system and therefore the user experience. Please see the recommended data connection speeds below:
*Good connection refers to a stable connection that consistently shows 4 or 5 bars.

If there is any doubt as to the quality of the data connection we recommend performing a speed test and using the table below to determine whether the connection meets the minimum requirements.

There are many speed test sites and applications that may be used for this purpose. Visit or use Speedtest by Ookla or Mybroadband Speed Test available for free in the Google and Apple App Stores.
Acceptable data connection technical specifications:
Data Usage
From login to completion an online assessment should consume on average between 3MB and 5MB of data.
This includes data usage for applications and processes directly related to the assessment and does not include data used by any other processes or applications that may be running on a user's phone at the time of the assessment.
Additional Recommendations:
In addition to the minimum device and data connection specifications we recommend the following:

• A single instance of the browser should be open during the assessment.
• All tabs not relating to the assessment should be closed.
• All other applications on the device should be closed while performing the assessment.
• When using a smartphone, candidates should hold their device with the screen in landscape orientation as shown below while completing the assessment.
• Candidates should adhere strictly to the recommendations for a suitable test environment, i.e. the assessment should be completed single uninterrupted session in a quiet environment free of distractions where the candidate can give the assessment their full attention.

For further information please contact us on [email protected].
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