Competency Measuring Instrument: Generic Assessment

For those who are new to the world of psychometric assessments; a psychometric assessment is a standardized testing tool designed to measure various psychological attributes, such as cognitive abilities, personality traits, aptitudes, or specific skills. They can be used to assess and quantify an individual's psychological characteristics and provide objective data that can be used for various purposes. Our latest psychometric assessment is the CMI:GA.

The CMI:GA (Competency Measuring Instrument: Generic Assessment) is a psychometric instrument we developed to assess and predict the properties relating to the successful functionaries in the various job types which are considered typical and common in terms of the world of work. The CMI:GA was developed to represent a broad-span generic psychometric instrument to assess and predict the properties relating to the successful functioning, in as wide a spectrum as possible of job-types at different organisational levels.

"Competency" is defined and approached from a broad, inclusive, and general viewpoint. It encompasses any ability, skill, orientation, etc. that the individual, being evaluated, possesses, needs, or is expected to "bring to the table" to improve their efficient execution of the task or function at hand. The task, situation or time juncture at hand is taken into perspective.

This psychometric test covers the entire sphere of competency assessment while other more specific/specialized assessments can be added to cover other spheres in providing the user with a comprehensive test-battery to satisfy his needs. The test and its interpretive norms are more applicable to serve the lower and middle to senior organisational levels, but does not exclude senior to executive management per sé. It is the users of the CMI:GA’s experience that it would be a mistake to under-estimate the effective use thereof at the higher organisational levels – the relevant interpretive norms used must then just be increased accordingly. In summary, the main benefit of using the CMI:GA psychometric test is that it covers as one instrument virtually all competencies or combinations thereof needed for effective performance of virtually all job-types at all levels.

The questionnaire consists of two divisions.
Division A consists of six cognitive groups of questions totalling 40 test-items to be completed in 18 minutes.
Division B consists of 135 questions/statements and has no time restriction, but will most probably not take more than 25 to 35 minutes to complete.
Total of :175 test-items to be completed in ± 50 minutes.

The CMI:GA provides the user of:
• 48 Scales
• 7 Substructures
• 2 Summarized Measures
• One-Pager Summarized Report
• 11 Pages Extended Defined Report
- Various optional interpretive facilities, e.g., Labour Turnover Probability Grading, etc.

All our psychometric tests are designed to be reliable, valid, fair and standardized. This ensures they yield consistent results and accurately measure what they are intended to assess in an unbiased and non-discriminant way.

CMI:GA Summarized Report Example
CWB Extended Defined Report
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