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Integrity International (INTEG) and its well-established highly renowned and competent international team offers assessment tools developed over many years by Dr. Louis Fick. These instruments are of international standard, scientifically researched and academically sound. It is representative of the best psychometric tools available for use by professionals in the organizational field.   Some of these tools are one of a kind in its field of speciality.

Please contact our administration department in Johannesburg for more information on the products. Prices and examples of reports can be e-mailed to you on request.

Our tests fall into five categories, i.e.

  1. Integrity
  2. Cognitive & Potential
  3. Personality
  4. Competency
  5. Aptitude


On request and with the financial support of a world renowned international entity, we researched and described the scientific foundation of Integrity together with eleven countries and then developed a psychometric instrument to measure it with a high degree of validity and reliability. It is a dedicated instrument that assesses Integrity in a comprehensive way, covering all the more critical areas it consists of to facilitate the detailed analysis on which clinical diagnoses and development are based. It does not only diagnose Integrity in individuals and organizations, but is developmental in nature to enhance the level of Integrity. The instrument is registered with the relevant professional bodies globally – e.g., the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and associated entities internationally.

The above culminated in forming two relevant organizations in this regard, i.e., the Integrity International (INTEG) Pty. Ltd and the Culture of Integrity (CULTEG) Pty Ltd. That both specialize in the various aspects of this important field – the first in the operational psychometric assessment and diagnostic functions and the latter in the development function based thereon.

Considering the complexity and sensitivity of the Integrity concept, a specialized process was used in developing instruments to assess it properly. What is also unique to our Integrity measuring instruments is the fact that they are allocated only to assessing Integrity. Over the years it was found necessary to develop an arsenal of seven instruments, listed below, to effectively assess Integrity from different angles and to serve the various purposes well.


Measuring Instruments Seven Psychometric Tests Purpose
Integrity Profile-200 Diagnostic Integrity
Integrity Measuring Instrument Screening/Selection
Integrity Profile : Culture of Integrity Development
Basic Integrity Profile Shortlisting
General Integrity Profile   General (Non-Work)
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Disposition to assist co-workers & the organization
Counterproductive Work Behaviour Disposition to counterproductive work behaviour in general

In addition to these seven dedicated tests and a host of other supportive non-test instruments/tool in the field of Integrity, INTEG also offers other psychometric tests that are making a further contribution to assessing Integrity from different angles and is indicated by the specific subjects they are dedicated to, as mentioned below:


Measuring Instruments Sixteen Psychometric Tests Purpose
Cognitive & Potential Assessment Cognitive - Symbolic Items
Cognitive Profile Assessment – 3 Levels Cognitive – Verbal & Symbols
Brian Orientation Profile Brain Dominance
Personality at Work

  • EQ
  • EO
  • SMO
  • FO
  • MO
Emotional Intelligence
Entrepreneurial Orientation
Sales & Marketing Orientation
Financial Orientation
Managerial Orientation
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Basic & Comprehensive Aptitude Profiles Aptitude
Security Assessment Profile  
Driver Assessment Profile  
Domestic Services Profile 
Call-Centre Agent Test 
Competency Assessment Test 
Domestic Services
Call Centre Operations
Practical English Proficiency Verbal
Rehabilitation Assessment Profile  Rehabilitation

These tests ‘talk’ to each other, being based on the same model and programme and developed by the same person/team and are maintained and upgraded on a continuous basis. INTEG is also heavily involved in the academic and research fields. They participate in all relevant conferences and conduct their own conferences in the field for which CPD-points are provided on behalf of the HPCSA and initiated the registration of the Institute of Integrity.

We know INTEGRITY DIFFERENTIATES and are thus a committed, dedicated and experienced team towards this end. We know that our Integrity process enhances the bottom-line of our clients. A company who is serious about being regarded as a company who values Integrity, can be registered through us as a Certified Culture of Integrity (CULTEG) organization.’!

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