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INTEG Develops and Distributes Psychometric Tests in the professional market in the World of Work.

Integrity International (INTEG) and its preceding organizations have been functioning effectively for more than 40 years in the HR-field – with strong and deep roots in the psychometric sphere. Over the last twenty years we specialized in the entire concept of Integrity, in recognition of the important role Integrity plays in today’s world – especially the world of work INTEG differentiates itself in the market by the following:

  • The group and its products specialise in the World of Work.
  • All its products measure Integrity from different angles.
  • It is the only organisation covering the entire field of Integrity with dedicated Integrity instruments in all the recognised spheres and angles of the said concept.
  • All the products (whether they are dedicated to the assessment or development of Integrity only or specialising in another field) 'talk’ to each other, being based on the same model and programme.
  • All the products were developed by the same person/team and are maintained and upgraded on a continuous basis using the research and field-data generated by their wide and comprehensive professional and product involvement.
  • It consists of South African developed tests, norms, standards, registered companies and instruments.
  • It is in close association with Corporate Solutions Consulting (CSC), that is also a South African organisation and that is specialising in the entire field of Human Resources.
  • It is also closely associated with Culture of Integrity Pty Ltd, that is an independent holding company responsible for the objective recording and administering of the Rolling Out of the Culture of Integrity (Culteg).
  • It is available to serve its clients on an ongoing, personal and ‘integritous’ basis - irrespective of the uniqueness and complexity of their needs/problems.

We offer the only dedicated Integrity measuring instruments. The following seven instruments constitute the arsenal of specialist tests in the Integrity sphere:


Measuring Instruments Seven Psychometric Tests Purpose
Integrity Profile-200 Diagnostic Integrity
Integrity Measuring Instrument Screening/Selection
Integrity Profile : Culture of Integrity Development
Basic Integrity Profile Shortlisting
General Integrity Profile   General (Non-Work)
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Disposition to assist co-workers & the organization
Counterproductive Work Behaviour Disposition to counterproductive work behaviour in general

INTEG specialises in Integrity in the world of work in an INTEGRITOUS way.

We, however, are not working on an island and in addition to the seven dedicated integrity tests and a host of other supportive non-test instruments/tool in the field of Integrity, INTEG also covers the wide spectrum of psychometric domains in the test arena by providing a further seventeen psychometric instruments that are making a further contribution to assessing Integrity from different angles and is indicated by the specific subjects they are dedicated to, as mentioned below:


Measuring Instruments Sixteen Psychometric Tests Purpose
Cognitive & Potential Assessment Cognitive - Symbolic Items
Cognitive Profile Assessment – 3 Levels Cognitive – Verbal & Symbols
Brian Orientation Profile Brain Dominance
Personality at Work

  • EQ
  • EO
  • SMO
  • FO
  • MO
Emotional Intelligence
Entrepreneurial Orientation
Sales & Marketing Orientation
Financial Orientation
Managerial Orientation
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Specialized Report
Basic & Comprehensive Aptitude Profiles Aptitude
Security Assessment Profile  
Driver Assessment Profile  
Domestic Services Profile  
Call-Centre Agent Test  
Competency Assessment Test 
Domestic Services
Call Centre Operations
Practical English Proficiency Verbal
Rehabilitation Assessment Profile  Rehabilitation

The above 23 tests are all developed by the same person/team, ‘talk’ to each other and were devised and possess South African norms and standards.


INTEG is a leader in the AC-field over the last 40 years on an international basis.  It offers four 'standardised' assessment centres and develops tailor-made ACs to optimally serve the unique needs of our clients.  It integrates Integrity in their AC-approach by using the TROIKA (COPAS, IP200 & PAW) as psychometric assessment tools and dedicated Integrity exercises, i.e., In-Basket. INTEG also provides Integrity that is based on the Integrity assessments and nine registered Training Modules.

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